Ilan ouamrouche

Gameplay / Tools Programmer

I have a Master's degree in Games and Interactive Digital Media, with a specialization in programming, a professional degree in Game Design/Level Design and a two-year technical degree in Computer Science.

I have various computer skills ranging from development with game engine (Unity, Unreal Engine…) to back-end and front-end programming. I also have experience with software such as Photoshop and Illustrator, and sharp game design and level design skills.



Good knowledge in algorithmics and software/web programming.
(C++, Java, Javascript, PHP, Python)


Comfortable with the engine, and its various technical aspects. I have used it for the majority of my projects so far.

Game Design / Level Design

Good knowledge in the making of video games on a more general level: reflection on the conception, mock-up design…


Application development and maintenance in WPF. XAML knowledge and usage of the Model-View-ViewModel architecture.


Solid knowledge of Git and Perforce : usage in student and professional environments. Knowledge of CI/CD with Gitlab.


Usage of the software for project management but also as a QA Tester (bug report writing, ticket management...)

Experience and projects :

I had the opportunity to work on various video game projects, whether it was for Game Jams or school projects. I also worked on other interactive projects as part of my education.

You can find my work in my portfolio by clicking on the button below.

Me contacter


+337 82 98 75 39