My name is

Ilan ouamrouche
I am a video game developer

I am currently following a master’s degree in video game and interactive media design at the ENJMIN, in Angoulême, France. I have graduated from a game design / level design license degree and a 2 years degree in computer science.

I have various computer skills ranging from development with game engine (Unity, Unreal Engine…) to back-end and front-end programming. I also have experience with software such as Photoshop and Illustrator, and sharp game design and level design skills.

Experience and projects :

I had the opportunity to work on various video game projects, whether it was for Game Jams or school projects. I also worked on other interactive projects as part of my education.

You can find my work in my portfolio by clicking on the button below.



Good knowledge in algorithmics and software/web programming.
(C++, Java, Javascript, PHP, Python)


Comfortable with the engine, and its various technical aspects. I have used it for the majority of my projects so far.

Game Design / Level Design

Good knowledge in the making of video games on a more general level: reflection on the conception, mock-up design…

Photoshop / Illustrator

Regular usage of software for editing or making assets for games, posters, mock-ups…


I always use it in the context of collaborative development. Command line manipulation or GUI clients (Sourcetree, GitKraken...)


Usage of the software for project management but also as a QA Tester (bug report writing, ticket management...)

Picture credits : Global Game Jam 2020 ISART DIGITAL , Ilan OUAMROUCHE, CNAM-ENJMIN